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Our Video Production Company Services

We develop, write, and produce award-winning broadcast quality videos from start to finish.

We’ll be there for you through it all. We have expertise in the production of short documentaries, branded content, PSAs, commercials, highlight videos, event videos, testimonials, company culture videos, and EPKs. Our services include cinematography, aerial drone photography, and post-production, including animation and sound mixing. We work closely with large and small businesses and non-profits to find the essence of what they want to convey to their clients about their products and services.

We will shoot in Virgil Village Los Angeles, California, or where you need us.

The Pre-Production Process – Script Writing

Pre-Production is where the vision of your video is developed, outlined, and written. Once the script is approved we create a story-board, cast actors, scout locations, and schedule the crew. We do all the work with the clients’ close cooperation and approval through every stage.

Post-Production – Editing, Music, Graphics

This is where the magic happens. We use the latest post-production software and hardware, including Adobe CC, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and After Effects. We also work closely with a tightly knit group of video makers and graphic artists to produce high end animations and explainer videos.

Film and Video Production – The shoot!

This is where most of the fun happens! Depending on the scope of the video we provide state of the art video production services, including cameras (Sony FS7 Mark II, Canon, Panasonic, DJI Mavic Pro 4K Drone), sound, lighting, teleprompter, interrotron, and professional actors. We pay special attention to quality and crafting a message that promotes your product or services in a fun and entertaining way.

Documentary films are the backbone of our industry. In today’s ever changing world, branding your company means telling an authentic story about your brand. It’s not just about the services you provide, but also the values your company brings to your customers and the world.

In a noisy marketplace, a meaningful story will make your company stand out from the rest. Below are samples of short corporate and non-profit documentaries we produced that our clients love. 

We use a camera setup where the interviewer is projected in front of the camera’s lens, on a teleprompter, like a Zoom or FaceTime meeting. During the interview the subject addressed the interviewer directly in the lens. This results in a video where the subject addresses the viewer directly, instead of the standard off camera approach.

This results in a much more natural-looking and personal-sounding interview. 

We provide a variety of animation and motion graphics styles that vary in price. Our productions range from simple whiteboard explainer videos to more complex animation that includes 2D character animation and textured cutout 3D puppet-like animations.

There are many advantages to using animation as a marketing tool. Animation and info graphics are a very efficient and cost effective way to communicate with your employees or clients, especially when it comes to explaining complex ideas, that include how-to videos, employee benefits, instructional videos, and training videos.

Another great advantage to animation is that it is evergreen, meaning that if you need to make changes in the future it is much more cost effective to just change out some graphics and voice over, rather then having to re-shoot the entire program if it was originally produced in live action. In short, animation allows us to think in a much more expansive, out-of-the-box way to create memorable and fun videos.

We have produced a number of PSAs for non-profit and government organizations. Due to social distancing rules, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we suggest using animation to produce PSAs.

Animation has the unique ability to communicate complex ideas in a fun and informative way and stay evergreen, so if your message changes in these very unpredictable times you don’t need to spend a lot of money re-shoot live action. It’s much more cost effective to change out some voice over and graphics.

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